Has fear got a gun to your head?

No seriously ... does it sometimes feel like, you have this great idea - you're going to start that business + live your life on your terms.. or.. you want to finally lose a large amount of weight + feel sassy and sexy or... you want to leave your dead end relationship + go travelling as single...

And somehow, as great as your big idea is, fear seems to hold this gun to your head, + you talk yourself out of it.

Have you bought endless self help books, started meditation, affirmations, drink green juices - you name it - and somehow, you still can't seem to break free from the chains that you've placed around you. 



What others say about me

(+ they're pretty cool people themselves)

Ali says..

Angie is every woman's secret weapon. The crack of her whip may sometimes be a little harsh, but it is always echoed with compassion and gets the job done.

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Consulting Sessions

Whether for an hour or a day, we'll sit down with you and your team to build a complete strategy for success.

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Weekly Check-ins

Stay on track with regular check-in sessions, ideal for busy execs who just need more hours in the day.

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Onsite Seminars

Does your whole team need training? Let us come to your office and lead a seminar designed just for you.

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What My Clients say

some names have been changed for client confidentiality

"I was obsessed with always looking at the next shiny object. I was still looking for the magic solution and Angie kicked my butt and made me see that it's ME who is the magic solution. Self belief and taking action got me the results that I'd been looking for and Angie helped me realise why I was resisting doing the work, and worked on that and I now run a six figure business.

-Ramona, London

"Thisco Inc. has helped us move into 5 new markets, and our
international expansion is proceeding faster than we could’ve dreamed."

-Kathy Vega, TaskBird

"Thisco Inc. massively improved the efficiency of our processes, then
helped us document them so we can keep excelling."

-Debbi Martin, Mindy's Windchimes

"Other companies had a hard time sorting out our industry's complex requirements,
but Thisco Inc. understood what we needed instantly."

-Doug Walton, Summerdale Shark Tours