You’ve just landed in a bit of a hot spot.

You see, I am Angie B, the U.K’s sassiest life coach + over the last 6 years as a Harley Street coach, I have been known to kick the asses of women into touch, + I have to say, I am pretty darn good at what I do, soooo… if you’re someone who plays around at ‘self help’ and isn’t actually serious (or ready) about changing your life for the better..then you’d better head here, as I have some kick ass work to do.

If however, you are here because you know that you are totally ready to change things, + get the life you’re secretly dreaming about then great stuff, kick those shoes off, get comfy, + take a moment to have a quick read of my about page to get the skinny on who I really am and what I do.