Happy. Calm. Confident.

That is what I feel like on a daily basis.


Hello! I’m Angie Butler, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Mindfulness expert and Harley Street Professional. I am here to help YOU breakup with anxiety, take control of your life and your emotions, and live the life that you have secretly been dreaming about. 

Over the last decade I have worked with over a thousand people, setting them free from the things that have been holding them back in life, putting them back into the drivers seat.

I honestly believe (Because I am and my clients are living proof of this!) that when you have the right tools in your daily life tool box. then living really doesn’t have to be difficult.

So why should you take my word for that? What do I know about life + anxiety?

Well – and this takes some guts to share this… I have spent pretty much most of my life, suffering with anxiety. I have been treated with antidepressants, spoken to counsellors, had a breakdown and was then referred to psychotherapists, and I have had more panic attacks than I could shake a stick at.

Where did this all begin for me?

I think it started as a child… I was adopted as a baby, and kids at school when they found about this, could be pretty cruel with their words to be honest. What also didn’t help, was that when I was younger I had a squint in my right eye, which led to a great deal of ‘teasing’.

As I grew up and went through life (teens, 20’s), I was a very insecure person… a) I was always scared that people would not like me and would reject me (adoption brought about huge rejection issues for me), and b), I was constantly avoiding making eye contact with people incase they noticed the ‘flaw’ in me….

Daily life was pretty awful for me… I was plagued by fea

r… and it got to the point where I wasn’t really ever able to hold down a job, let alone design a career.

I cancelled dates at the very last minute (hello singlehood), I frequently failed to turn up for coffee.. (hello angry friends).. it got to the point where I couldn’t actually make an appointment because I didn’t know if I could stick to it.

Why was this? I had never been ‘flaky’ – well… my anxiety had taken me hostage. It felt like fear had a f*cking gun to my head and just getting out of bed in the mornings, sometimes felt impossible.