I’m Angie, the anxious life coach

And I am here to show you that struggling with fear + anxiety, doesn’t have to hold you back in life.

Who am I + why should you listen to me?

Well, professionally, I am a Harley Street life coach. I am also a Clinical Hypnotherapist, a CBT Practitioner and an NLP expert. Oh and I am also a self help author too.


Personally .. I am a woman who has struggled with anxiety.

I am a woman who at the age of 30 (on her 30th birthday to be exact here) suffered a nervous breakdown.

I am a woman, who was diagnosed with social anxiety disorder…

Yet if you met me you’d call me confident.

I am a woman, who knows what it feels like, to walk into a room, and feel like everybody is watching her (and not for all the right reasons)…

I am a woman, who has lost friends because of constantly cancelling things.. and who has quit jobs because I couldn’t leave the house that day.