Arm yourself with this 'secret weapon' and stay ahead of your mind game. 

What if I told you that fear + resistance will come up over and over - and all the positive thinking in the world won't shift it.

What if you knew, that actually, there is a psychological REASON as to why fear, resistance and self sabotage keep coming up and bothering you.

And that unless you tackle things at the root cause and understand this reason, then you'll keep repeating this cycle for like.... ever.

Imagine how much easier daily life and business would feel, if you knew how to get the better of it, and put YOU back in the driver's seat. 

In my free 30 min coaching audio I reveal the real reason as to why fear tries to get the better of you- and give you 2 hot tips as to how YOU can fear proof your mindset so that you can focus on the important things, like rocking a life changing business. 

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"Angie B is a powerful woman. A very powerful woman indeed. More powerful than Voodoo.

Jimmy Lee Shreeve. "Doktor Snake"

The low down on this coaching audio:

Look - you can keep plodding along... hoping that tomorrow is a 'good day'...

OR you can CHOOSE to make tomorrow a good day.

You can choose to quit letting your life (this is your life babe, wake the f*ck up will you), pass you by, allowing every day to be like 'Groundhog day'... 

Choose, to wake up and to take control of your headspace. Don't just let 'stuff' happen - you are not a bloody passenger. You should be in control here, you are the one calling the shots here.

By choosing to be present every day.. by choosing to look at yourself in the mirror and actually ask yourself 'where am  at with my mindset TODAY', you SHIFT THE POWER and put yourself back in the driver's seat.

Fear, resistance, and any other negative, soul (and business) destroying emotion will do its best to creep up on you on a DAILY BASIS...

Every. Fucking. Day.

Think about that for a moment.. really THINK about it.

How many days, per week, per month, are you ALLOWING Fear to control you? 

Does this REALLY sit okay with you? Come on now...

Does it? Like, really, does it?

I didn't think so.

Imagine, just how different your life would be.. how different your energy levels  would be, and how different your business would be, if you knew, how to actually CREATE the ideal mindset, and kick the ass of fear + resistance as and when you need to on a daily basis..

You'd never need to take a back seat again. you'd never need to play the role of the VICTIM because come on Missy, that's NOT a name that sits right with you.

And I know.. I get it.  I know that on one level, you've done the best you can to 'get on top of things' - affirmations, meditations.. but all the positive thinking in the world won't work on a really DEEP LEVEL - and yes, I am talking about your subconscious mindset.

Look, as a Clinical Therapist, I need to level with you - your subconscious mind is what DRIVES YOU .. and your subconscious mind IS currently driving you .. and the only way to make any REAL CHANGES to your mindset is to WORK ON THIS.

In my FREE fear and resistance knock out audio (30 mins), I will reveal to you HOW AND WHY your subconscious mind is almost SABOTAGING you.. and I will give you 2 secret weapon tools that will EMPOWER YOU - and put YOU back in the driver's seat on a daily basis.

If you actually commit, to doing just these 2 things (daily) - for 21 days - wow. You will REALLY experience a MAJOR FUCKING SHIFT IN YOUR MOOD, YOUR MINDSET AND YOUR BUSINESS!!!

You really can't afford to ignore this - I mean, you can. Of course you can. You can do what the hell you like here. But let me put it to you this way - what do you have to LOSE here?? Because I can tell you - you have more to lose in NOT listening to this than you could ever lose in doing so.


What some awesome people have said..

  • "Angie is every woman's secret weapon. The crack of her whip may be a little harsh.. but it is always echoed with compassion. 

    Ali Campbell - celebrity coach. 

  • "Angie's book got me through some dark times. She's amazing. And I trust her completely.

    Kerry Katona - singer.

  • "Angie B is a very powerful woman indeed. More powerful than Voodoo.

    Jimmy Lee Shreeve - 'Doktor Snake'